E-governance and M-governance

Aimed at Creation of secure mobile transaction & delivery system, establishment of appropriate framework, infrastructure and delivery mechanisms to avail most services to multiple users simultaneously.

With over 5 million subscribers, mobile governance has emerged as the easiest way to accommodate the need of a regular user on the go...

Mobile Governance is one of the new and important developments in e-governance leading better access to government information without any hassles.

The paradigm drifts of the existing technology usage from e-governance to M-governance (which emphasizes on the conversion of mobile and communication technology) has ended up resulting into critical changes in the processes of creating, maintaining and usage of knowledge and information.

The primary characteristics include:

Efficient workforce that can provide faster cost effective and scalable solutions to a regular Joe.

The applications and interfaces should be easier to use and within reach by utilizing mobile and embedded technologies unlike e-governance (computerization of information at urban local bodies)


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